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A well-known rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug abuse, Zorba offers treatment programs for men and women that span the full continuum of care. From medically supervised detox to inpatient treatment, from partial hospitalization to destination and intensive inpatient programs, from single-diagnosis to dual diagnosis for co-occurring disorders, we’re ready to give you the support you need to overcome addiction.
At Zorba, Mumbai, we successfully rehabilitate our clients at our addiction treatment centre or at a destination centre chosen by our clients.
Our tailored programs empower you or your loved one to lead a productive, healthy, and fulfilling life. We teach the practical skills necessary to identify and break the cycles of addiction. We collaborate with you to replace old, self-destructive coping mechanisms with new, constructive, life-affirming patterns of thought and behavior.

We become your partners in an ongoing process to meet and exceed your personal goals and expectations. Your lifelong sobriety is our mission, so we create programs grounded in the present, mindful of the past, with a keen eye on the future.

How Rehab Works at Zorba

Drug or alcohol rehabilitation works at Zorba by taking you away from your daily triggers and stresses that lead to your drug or alcohol use in the first place. Once you are in a safe environment away from drugs or alcohol, you can concentrate on starting the process of living a life free of substance abuse, willingly.
You can do it; we know you can, and we would be honored to lead you along the path to a happy, fulfilled life, without the need to use drugs or alcohol. It can be done. We know hundreds of people who graduated the Zorba program and are doing it now as you read this.
Zorba, Mumbai empowers you to stop drinking and using. We are here to help you find peace and serenity to make a commitment to sobriety. Our treatment programs are designed for long-term freedom from addiction. Begin your journey to a new life today.

Live the Life you choose

Admitting you need help is often the most difficult step on the road to recovery. We want you to understand you’re not alone. The sooner you seek help, the better your chances are of overcoming addiction. If you’re struggling, please call us today. Every one of our admissions specialists has personal experience with addiction and recovery. They’ve been in your shoes. They understand what you’re going through. They’ll listen carefully, respond with kindness and empathy, and offer you the best guidance possible for your situation.
Our admissions team is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Getting started is simple:

Call us at :+91-8669567929

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