Addiction – Sad Poems

Kelly Roper, in her blog writes these sad poems. She believes reading poems about drug abuse and the havoc it wreaks can actually help addicts process your feelings if they’re caught in the middle of a bad situation. She recommends suffering addicts try writing some poems for themselves to help release any feelings of frustration, fear or hopelessness they might have. Bringing these feelings out into the daylight can lighten the burden, and this is often a first step to finding whichever kind of help they need.

A Slow Death

As I hold the spoon to the flame,
I’ve got no one but myself to blame.

As I stick the needle in my skin,
I don’t feel like I can ever win.

There’s a moment of elation,
That follows the penetration.

But it’s gone again too soon,
So I try to find my spoon.

And I’ll do it all again,
Until I reach the very end.

Giving Up

I can’t watch one more day,
As you throw your life away,
Push a needle in your vein,
and slowly go insane.

Seems there’s nothing I can do
To get through to you.
If you’re ever going to quit,
Find your own strength to do it.

I just can’t take it anymore,
So I’m walking out the door.
Don’t know if I’ll see you alive again,
But remember I tried to be your friend.

Escape From Reality …

A recent article by Fedaa al-Qedra, on AlJazeera reveals shocking details in the rise of addicts in Gaza. An extract of the article published on AlJazeera.

For a decade, Belal, 45, has been receiving a monthly salary from the Palestinian Authority on one condition: that he stay home and not work under the administration of the rival Hamas movement.

With enough money, plenty of time and few options for entertainment in Gaza under the crippling Israeli-Egyptian blockade, Belal began using Tramadol, an opioid painkiller that is illegal unless prescribed by a doctor. Tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have been taking the drug as a way to escape the pressures of daily life in the besieged coastal enclave, doctors estimate.

“It starts just for fun, but then you cannot do without [the drug] until you ruin your life,” Belal told Al Jazeera from a room in Gaza’s only drug rehabilitation centre, where he has been seeking treatment.

Narcotics, including cannabis, have flooded Gaza in unprecedented quantities in recent months, according to Ahmed Kidra, the head of the local police anti-drug unit. The amounts seized in January alone equalled the total seized in all of 2016, he said, citing nearly $2m in seized hashish bars, Tramadol and ecstasy pills.

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Welcome to Zorba

As addicts, we have experienced the pain, lonelines and despair of addiction. Having stayed clean all these years, and having worked with scores of recovering addicts, we can claim with some confidence today that we are better equipped to assist addicts struggling with the disease of addiction.

We deal with every aspect of addiction, not just its most obvious symptom: our uncontrollable drug use. The aspects of the disease are numerous. It is an insidious disease that affects every area of our lives – leaving destruction and shattered dreams in its wake. Your family dynamics may be greatly impacted, causing damage that can not be easily repaired. This is because, addiction is a disease that does not only affect the addicts themselves, it affects nearly everyone you are in contact with, especially your family and friends.

If you, or someone close to you is struggling with the disease of addiction, we can help. An addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live. You are welcome here. We will work together with you in a labour of love, compassion and understanding. And as someone once wisely said – “The full fruits of a labour of love lies in its harvest, and that always comes in the right season

– Ronald D’Silva